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The Undiscovered Caribbean

Villa Being is located in the sunny, green and mountainous Caribbean island of Tobago, the perfect site for a tropical holiday escape. Tobagooffers vacationersthe opportunity to soothe the weary soul, relax the wandering mind and satisfy the senses. It is a small and mountainous Caribbean island that is surprisingly free from the usual trappings of mass tourism. There are no cruise ships, no crowds – simplybeautiful beaches, lush rainforests, green mountains with magnificent ocean views and a calm lifestyle that takes relaxation to an entirely different level.

Tobago is located in the Southern Caribbean, a few miles away from the South American main land. Tobago features a more relaxed and idyllic atmosphere compared to its fast paced sister island of Trinidad.

Being was created with the beautiful and picturesque Tobago as its backdrop. This enchanting villa is nestled into the side of a hill to create complete seclusion. It is situated on a five acre organic fruit farm and overlooks the Caribbean Sea. It combines modern and elegant architecture, an idyllic natural environment, breath-taking scenery and complete privacy to create a wonderful holiday experience for the sophisticated and discerning vacationer.

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